The Purpose of the given site: acquaintance and familiarizing of users, servicing personal and manufacturers of electrical transport to the electro-technical means, made by Scientific and Technical Enterprise (STE) "Informbusiness".

     Our enterprise is the developer (own know-how) and the manufacturer of microprocessor control systems on the basis of IGBT - technologies for urban electrical transport.

     The made systems are intended for:
  1. Manufactures of new trolley buses microprocessor control system SDMC-103-01 is applied.
  2. Re-equipment of old trolley buses after major overhaul, dismantle of the superfluous equipment alteration of electric plaits and installation of microprocessor system SDMC-103-02.

     The Spectrum of made production is exposed in section Production
     The most important reached results and the information on main our partners can be looked in section of Introduction.
     Increase of the prices for mineral oil, on the one hand, and toughening of requirements on protection of an environment, on the other hand, leads to development and expansion of a network of electrical transport in many cities of the most different countries of the world. Application of our microprocessor system in conditions of increase of the prices for the electric power and reduction of electrical transport to the international standards has huge social and economic benefit.
More in detail
     Scientifically technical Enterprise " Informbusiness" conducts works on development of following generation of microprocessor control systems for urban electrical transport, and as on technical adaptation under the international standards. More in detail
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STE “Informbusiness”                         Vitaly Eshanu